Network Operations

Data Networking Monitors & Maintains the NMSU Campus and Branch Campuses data network. Any affiliate of NMSU can use the NMSU network.

IP Address Allocation & Management

Each device that is connected to a network is assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address. An IP address allows for host or network identification and location addressing. Data Networking allocates and manages the IP addresses for devices connected to the NMSU network.

Wireless Network Management

NMSU students, faculty, staff, and approved guests can connect to the NMSU network wirelessly. Data Networking maintains and manages the NMSU wireless network.

Residential Network Management

NMSU students who live on campus can connect to the NMSU residential network. Data Networking maintains and manages the Residential Network.

Domain Name Services

Data Networking provides Domain Name Services to the NMSU community. These services include:

  • Domain Name Registration and Hosting for NMSU webpages
  • Domain Name registration and hosting for external domains (